Pro-Active Marketing

When clients hire us we do not take this responsibility lightly & work tirelessly to ensure we are out in front of the buyers, not sitting back waiting for the phone to ring. Our entire Sales Team and Selling strategy has been created around this philosophy.

SMART Website

Our industry leading website is much more than your typical agent website and for you as a seller much more than a place we list your home. Our site has an active user base of 20000+ consumers searching for homes in Canada, and this list grows substantially each and every month. Not only is this site extremely popular to the consumers, it provides us an open look at exactly what all users are searching for, how often they return to the site and which specific homes they viewed. Our customer care, mortgage finance and team of agents use our state of the art “best fit” algorithms that analyze the search data to specifically target our database of users and take them from “online viewers” to “in-house” qualified buyers.

Network of Top Producers

Being at the top of our field allows us the distinct advantage of being within Canada’s inner circle of Elite agents. Our listings are previewed to the homes area top group of agents for them to circulate to their possible buyers first. Canadian real estate follows the 80:20 rule and we embrace it, 80% of the home sales are handled by 20% of the agents in our city.